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We navigate divorce and estate planning with empathy and experience, guiding families toward resolutions that foster lasting peace and stability.

Wills and Divorce, North Carolina

How We Can Help You Find Your Peace

At Peaceful Law™, we provide the following legal services.

Holistic Estate Planning

The Holistic Approach to Legacy Planning

At Peaceful Law, we guide our clients through a holistic legacy planning process:

  • Intimate Conversations: We engage in meaningful conversations to understand your values, dreams, and the impact you wish to make on future generations.
  • Comprehensive Asset Assessment: Beyond financial wealth, we evaluate intangible assets—your experiences, wisdom, and values—to create a comprehensive plan.
  • Embracing Intergenerational Wisdom: We facilitate the transfer of your wisdom through ethical wills, personal letters, and legacy documents, ensuring your loved ones understand you.
  • Fostering Family Connections: We foster open discussions among family members to ensure a shared understanding of your values and intentions.
  • Ongoing Adaptation and Updates: Life evolves, and so does your legacy. We stand by you, offering ongoing support to update and refine your legacy plan to reflect the changes in your life and aspirations.

Crafting Legacies Beyond Assets

Estate planning goes beyond material possessions—it’s about passing on your values and stories. 

Ready to embark on a journey of holistic estate planning? Let Peaceful Law be your partner in shaping a legacy that stands the test of time.

Family Law Consultations

Peaceful Law’s Guide to Navigating Divorce in North Carolina

Ensuring a Peaceful Transition Through Knowledge and Insight

Navigating a divorce in North Carolina can present numerous challenges. Our firm helps clients come to peaceful solutions through the collaborative law process, mediation, or other amicable means of settlement. Even if you opt for self-representation, seeking an in-depth consultation with a seasoned family law attorney from Peaceful Law can be the cornerstone of a smoother, informed journey through this significant life transition.

Understanding the Legal Landscape

North Carolina’s divorce laws and procedures are intricate, demanding a nuanced understanding. Engaging with Peaceful Law for a consultation provides:

  • Insight into Legal Requirements: Understanding the specific legal grounds for divorce in North Carolina and their application to your unique circumstances.
  • Guidance on Documentation and Procedures: Ensuring comprehension of the necessary paperwork, filing procedures, and deadlines, guaranteeing compliance with court requirements.
  • Asset and Debt Division: Insight into the equitable distribution of assets and debts, safeguarding your rights and interests in this process.
  • Child Custody and Support: Understanding the complexities of child custody, visitation, and support arrangements to prioritize the best interests of your children.

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About Peaceful Law™

At Peaceful Law, we are more than just a legal team - we are partners in advocating for your family's peace of mind. Our firm's dedicated focus on North Carolina families underscores our commitment to providing compassionate, deescalating solutions for their family law and estate planning requirements. Let us help navigate your legal journey towards harmony and lasting resolutions.

Wills and Divorce Legal Team

Meet the team

At Peaceful Law, we embody the essence of teamwork as a husband and wife attorney duo committed to nurturing family harmony and legal excellence. Just as we seamlessly merge our strengths at home to create a supportive environment for our family, we apply this synergy to our law practice. Together, we unite our individual skills, dedication, and shared vision to not just run a successful firm, but to create a space where families find peace. Our collaborative approach extends beyond the legal realm, crafting a foundation built on mutual respect, trust, and the unwavering pursuit of our joint mission: guiding families towards brighter futures.

Shaunis Mercer

Shaunis Mercer


With over 18 years of experience, Shaunis draws from what she has learned while managing law firms and guiding clients. She measures success by helping others learn effective communication, co-parenting skills, and finding solutions without unnecessary conflict amid the complexities of family law and estate planning.

Christopher Autry

Christopher Autry


Chris brings 14 years of diverse legal experience, including high-stakes litigation and negotiations as a murder and felony prosecutor, family law attorney, and personal injury attorney. Most recently, he has dedicated his career to negotiating multimillion dollar corporate contracts.

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